Constructive systems

The Z Panel is recognised as a benchmark for professionals in the construction industry, given its characteristics:

  • Industrialised assembly system.
  • 3 times faster than traditional building materials.
  • Greater profitability for the construction company.
  • Greater volume of projects/year for the same investment.
  • Greater safety for operators.
  • Minimal unforeseeable delays and costs.
  • Double thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Thinner façade means more saleable square metres.
  • High foreseeable and controllable performance.
  • Ecological / recyclable.
  • Can be dismantled and extended.
  • Can be anchored in different ways.
  • Variety of applications.
  • Simple and strict quality control during manufacture and on site.
  • Precise planning for construction.
  • Cost effective system for transporting panels and lightweight steel structures over long distances.
  • “A new expressivity for concrete applied to the thin, multi-layer façades.”

    Ecosit - Arquitectes S.L.

  • “The aim? To create a façade with a large format, pre-manufactured material that performs well technically and has a cost that is suitable for a residential building. Only Z met the formal and structural requirements. The result? Optimal: The best decision I made.”

    Samuel Gutierrez - F+F Arquitectura, S.L.

  • “The Z Panel provides the answer to a very contemporary question: How to make a continuous, ventilated façade that can adapt to meet numerous conditions: Opaque, resistant at ground level, with perforations, and colours, textures and dimensions that can be customised…”

    Mariona Benedito y Martí Sanz

  • “The Z Panel integrates criteria, constructive systems, technologies and other measures that make sustainable development possible in the building works sector.”

    Marta Martí i Bernat Argemí - Arquitectes

  • “The façade material was chosen because of its pleasing aesthetics and the functionality it offered. Since the panels could be fitted in both vertical and horizontal wall sections, we were able to use the same material in the entire of the exterior.”

    IN-fact - Arquitectura S.L.P.

  • “The Z Panel is a lightweight and compact industrialised solution, in large format, that provides the perfect dialogue between façade and cladding for the sports centre.”

    Batllori & Trepat - Arquitectes

The ventilated façade is a system that gives the building a second skin, with a stylish, pleasing design, held up on a supporting structure.  This system guarantees an optimum use of energy in the building, in addition to giving it a unique personality and allowing it to integrate with its surroundings.

The ventilated façade allows air to circulate via convection between the outer and inner skin of the building.

The outer panels are fixed to a metal sub-structure, which is anchored to the structure of the building. In order to withstand the suction and pressure that the façade is subjected to, the dimensions of this sub-structure are calculated statically.

CIRCA Omega Zeta provides the materials and the technology that allow the thermal and acoustic comfort levels indicated by the architect to be reached while allowing great freedom of design.

Auxiliary structure

The ease of assembly makes the Z Panel stand out, although this still requires careful planning and execution.

During the assembly process of the panels, tolerances are key to ensuring the panels are set correctly, both with the building’s structure and in between the panels themselves. In this way, it can be ensured that the geometrical measurements defined for the panels are uniform, in accordance with those included in the plans for the façade.

Repairs and replacements

Part replacement instructions

In the event they are damaged, the panels can be repaired quickly or replaced (in extreme cases).

The most commonly occurring defects are breakages on the corners and edges, which can be repaired using caulk filler, with the same dyes and catalysts applied as the panels themselves.

Additionally, if it is necessary to replace panels, this can be done quickly using the Kit-Omega. To identify the right time to carry out replacements, plans should be made in conjunction with the site management team.