Omega Zeta Panel

The Panel is an innovative material of great quality, a product of the expertise, experience and innovation that is characteristic of the Omega Zeta Corporation.

The Panel has become a canvas for architects and designers the whole world over, who want to use a new, efficient and ecological product in their projects that will remain attractive and unchanged over time.

It is optimal for use in:

  • Ventilated façades.

As well as all kinds of other applications:

  • Slats.
  • Curved panelling.
  • Corners, crowns and trims.
  • Fencincg
  • Lattices
  • Funcional panelling.
  • Sliding panels.
  • False ceilings.
  • Interiors.
  • Façades for plant life.
  • Paving.
  • “The relationship between the outside and the interior often requires the addition of a filter to the skin of the building. The Z Panel has allowed us to deal with this issue in recent projects, using a durable, adaptable and expressive component for construction.”

    Serra Vives Cartagena - Arquitectes, S.L

  • “Getting to the end meant having influence in the finish of the façade, exploring the expressive capacity of the material with proposed texture that was both surprising and contradictory: fabric and stone, soft and hard, delicate and durable…”

    Casadevall - Arquitectes, S.L.P

  • “We wanted it all: A material for the façade that would provide a uniform exterior, with the tensile strength of concrete, but the lightness of a “second skin”, that would filter sunlight, and could be assembled easily… Discovering this material dealt with all our concerns.”

    Alonso Balaguer - y Arquitectos Asociados

  • “The Z Panel allowed us to work on a large scale, with high resistance, with the option to choose colour and texture à la carte, and incorporate decorative elements with ease.”

    Llongueras Clotet - Arquitectes

The Panel is a high-resistance micro-mortar panel, with pre-stressed bi-directional armour. It is a light-weight material that is 100% impermeable with high mechanical strength, and high resistance to fire (A-1).

The Z Panel stands out because it is versatile, modular, resistant, customisable, totally recyclable and maintenance-free.

The Z Panel has functional electrophotonic properties, doting it with specific characteristics, making them anti-bacterial, fireproof, and giving them high tensile strength, among other things. Its use in a building allows considerable savings in terms of energy and unique environmental protection.

The panel’s design is based on the technology and the construction process developed by Circa Omega Zeta, and its application, both in dry works and in traditional construction, offers advantages in industrialised building works.

Advantages in construction

The ΩZ Panel and its comprehensive construction solution allows up to 100% of savings to be made in terms of energy and allows the building to power itself using just 8% from other sources.

The Panel has a series of features that give it an advantage when used in construction, over other materials.

The Panel and its comprehensive construction solution allows up to 100% of savings to be made in terms of energy and allows the building to power itself using just 8% from other sources.

Furthermore, one of the greatest advantages is the savings in metres SQUARED of floor space in constructions (of up to 15 cm) when compared to traditional building systems. What’s more, the Panel is easily adapted to any system.

The advantages in construction of the Z Panel include:

  • Design flexibility.
  • High level of thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Greater usable floor space.
  • Faster on-site construction than traditional materials.
  • Combinable with all types of structures, systems and materials.
  • Sustainable construction.
  • Condensation and damp free with the ventilated façade system.
  • Height extensions to buildings (mountings).
  • Dry construction.
  • Panels can be cut to size on site.
  • Vertical or horizontal placement.
  • Façade cladding that absorbs structural movements due to subsidence or overload.
  • Façade cladding separate from interior cladding, insulation and general installations.
  • Allows the façade to be adapted to convert it into a ventilated façade without inconveniences on the interior.
  • Meets industrialisation, lightweight and economy criteria.
  • Maximum quality and durability.
  • High resistance to impacts means that it can be installed on the ground floor.
  • Reduces the weight of the structure by 30%.
  • Assembly from the outside.
  • Ideal for new automated domestic systems.
  • High resistance against seismic activity and strong tornadoes.
  • No façade maintenance required.

Colours and finishes


The Z is available in ten basic colours.

The Z Panel it can be coated with a highly specialised mineral sol-silicated-based treatment for façades, and given a photocatalytic effect, that also provides total panel protection and helps to reduce air contaminants (nitrogen oxides).

The panels are mass coloured, which ensures the product has a great quality finish and its appearance remains optimal for the entire of its useful lifetime. THE SOL-SILICATE TREATMENT guarantees the conservation of the panel’s colour for the entirety of its useful life, without fading.

The Z Panel is 100% natural and therefore subject to slight variations in clolur.


The Z comes in different finishes:

  • Treated with silicate glaze, wich allows the Panel’s beauty to be appreciated with greater uniformity.
  • Coating with silicate treatment, from a base of inorganic pigments that undergo a chemical reaction with the mortar, giving it almost unlimited longevity.
  • Protection with antigrafiti treatment.


To ensure that it adapts to any type of construction, the Panel is available in a wide range of textures, developed by CIRCA in collaboration with architects and great designers from all around the world.

The Z Panel is available in:

For special requirements, the CIRCA team can develop customised textures for their clients, such as punched, with glass-filled perforations, engraved, acid-etched allowing the inclusion of photographs on the panel, among others.