I + D + i

The Z Panel is the product of more than 10 years of research in the heart of the Omega Zeta Corporation.

In fact, I+D+i is in the company’s DNA thanks to its founder, Carlos Fradera Pellicer, entrepreneur, inventor and holder of more than 500 international patents (PCT’s).

The Omega Zeta Corporation has its own laboratories, and is in constant collaboration with architects’ studios and universities all around the world, to ensure continual improvement of their products and systems.

Furthermore, with the goal of optimising the performance of knowledge generated by all of the companies linked to the corporation, and that of the universities with which they work (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing Tongren Hospital, Saint Petersburg State University, Moscow State University and the Charles University in Prague), the Omega Zeta Foundation was created.

The Foundation’s mission is to aid in the spread of knowledge, in the shortest time possible, to all the professionals working in the field of bioelectrophotonics and its application in real projects. The interaction between different universities from around the world promotes high quality research, capable of prioritising the order of proposals and projects to be developed in accordance with the needs of the industrial and health sectors.

Furthermore, the Omega Zeta Foundation is responsible for the development of prototypes and automation projects that allow levels of training and quality of life to be raised in the areas where they are applied.

Currently, the Omega Zeta Corporation holds international patents (PCT’s) in all of the areas where their activity is focused and they innovate, design, invent, produce, implement and distribute:

  • Customisable and standard materials.
  • Industrial processes.
  • Turn-key industrial plants.
  • Total automation.
  • Smart and environmentally sustainable buildings.